Not all of us are well versed in holistic nutrition and it can become intimidating when reading or hearing about vitamins, minerals, probiotics and amino acids. Some are made by the body, some need to be obtained through outside sources. We know that they are vital for proper growth and development but you might also ask yourself, what are these things and why are they so essential for peak health? What are they responsible for in the body? What foods provide these nutrients?

Not only is it important for adults to be aware of their own health but they should also consider their children's health as well. The questions that come to mind are...Should I give my child multivitamins or not? What is in them and what are the doses? Are they not getting all the nutrition from the food they are eating? What is enough/not enough?

Some of the most commonly known and recognized nutrients as well as vitamins are calcium, vitamin C and D. But there are plenty more not all of us may know about proficiently and would benefit from learning about more in depth.

As a parent, you want to provide the best love and care possible for your little humans but there is much to consider when offering multivitamins. Their age, weight, activity level, and growth pace. Then, which product and brand you stand by and believe in.

Of course everybody’s body, at any age has different needs and some may have more need than others for certain supplements. Some may even have to avoid certain things as well. The important thing we have to remember to do is to acknowledge health conditions such as allergies, organ vitality - an IBS condition, lung capacity, cancer, etc. Then, personalize a diet plan and incorporate what the diet does not provide, such as vitamin D.

One of the most common issues with children and nutrition is that they are known to be picky eaters. Some children will down right refuse to eat what is provided which can become difficult to endure.

This is where supplementing with vitamins and such can become convenient, for example for this multivitamin

By Progressive includes all the essential nutrients as well as fruits and vegetables. So for those kids who just will not eat certain foods, a quick and chewable tablet can get them the nutrients they need and relieve the stress of trying to force something that wont happen.

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