Why is the box my order came in such an irregular shape?!!

Why is the box my order came in such an irregular shape?!!

At EverydayVitamin we not only strive to help you with your daily health, we also try to do what we can to minimize our environmental impact. 

An easy way to reduce what we consume is to reuse the boxes and packaging that our shipments arrive in.  Unfortunately, the boxes are generally way too large for your orders, so we cut them down to make smaller boxes and can often get two or three boxes out of one large box.  As an added measure we often cut them down to the point that they just fit the products to reduce our carbon emissions when sending your order to you.  (The more boxes that fit in a Canada Post truck, the less carbon footprint we leave as we utilize fewer trucks over time).  With this sometimes comes an irregular shape as our measurements are sometimes off on one end by a little (it’s eyeballed most of the time to avoid spending too much time on box construction).

Please don’t forget to do your part and recycle (or compost) the boxes we send you.  Together we can make a positive environmental impact one order at a time!

Stay Safe!

The EverdayVitamin Team

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