How To Have A Better Sleep

How To Have A Better Sleep

Sleep, we all know how important it is... Yet how many of us have truly figured out how to have a consistent, nourishing sleep schedule that allows us to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day? It's difficult to create when there are so many added stresses on us lately.

The uncertainties of the world definitely can weigh on us, and figuring out how to turn off the stress before bed is a challenge. Not to mention, all the added blue light we look at everyday from our phones and computers! Blue light fires up the centers in our brain, which in turn can make our brain feel wired and alert when we really want to be asleep.

Our first suggestion, would be having a solid night time routine. What does that mean? Well it could be something like this... Plan to go bed around the same time every night during the week. Stopping screen time on the phone, tv and computer about an hour before you want to sleep. Many people cringe when they hear that, because the reality is, we are so glued to our devices that it's hard to know what to do without them. Listening to a podcast, reading a book, having a bath, talking with a loved one, are all great options to help yourself wind down from the day. It takes effort, and won't always be easy, but so worth it. Sleep is the biggest healer, strengthens our immune system, our memory, and heals us.

For additional support, we have some really awesome recommendations for supplements that help you to slip into a nice relaxed state of being!!

#1 Healthology's Sleep Great- WOW! This product deserves a round of applause, because it sure does work. It is very consistent and not only helps you to fall asleep, but it helps you to STAY asleep. It works by enhancing the body's natural sleep hormone pattern so that you enter all five stages of a healthy sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed everyday.

Sleep Great works in four ways. First, it contains ingredients to help relax and de-stress the body. Second, it contains ingredients that help the body fall asleep and reduce sleep disturbance. Third, it increases serotonin production, which helps enhance sleep. Fourth, it activates GABA receptors which helps us to stay asleep longer.

#2 Can Prev's Magnesium + GABA and Melatonin Augmenting Extra Gentle magnesium form with melatonin and GABA, this formulation is designed to help people relax, reset their circadian biological clocks, get better sleep while reducing the time needed to fall asleep for people with delayed sleep phase disorder. Magnesium on it's own helps us to relax into a deeper sleep... However this combination is a powerhouse combination that has been shown to produce great results with our customers! 

#3 Bell Lifestyle's Sleep & Relax Tea Bell Sleep & Relax Tea is formulated with herbs that have been used for countless years to aid in relaxation and regenerative sleep. Some of the traditional herbs to aid with sleep and relaxation include chamomile, valerian and linden. Our sleep aid tea can help you get your sleep cycle back on track.*

  • Formulated with healthy herbs that have been utilized for thousands of years.
  • Helps you relax for a good night's sleep.
  • An all-natural sleep aid alternative to sleeping pills.
  • Helps support your body's natural transition into REM sleep.
  • Helps take the edge off after a stressful day.
  • A herbal tea with an inviting, pleasant taste.

All of these products are found on our website 

We hope this provided you some insight on ways that you can help to improve your sleep. Stay safe, happy and well! 

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